I am a fine art photographer located in Kearney, Nebraska. I went to the University of Nebraska at Kearney to study Interior Design. I finished the degree and I eventually ended up working in an art department for ten years. While working at that company, I learned about art, and design. My job was assessing print quality to make sure images were acceptable to be printed. I have a strong eye for detail and images being of a high print quality are important to me.

I have done a variety of paid gigs, from photographing weddings to real estate. Lately, I have been focusing on photographing subjects that have a lot of appeal to me personally. I have a strong affinity for old buildings. I used to enjoy exploring abandoned houses when I was a kid, and that sense of adventure has not lessened.

I grew up on a cattle ranch. I live in a small town now, and I think part of the reason I love taking pictures is because I can take pieces of the country home with me. The windmill with amazing clouds can be displayed in my home, and looking at it reminds me of how impressive the weather was that day. Old cars that have been left out in a pasture can look really interesting. Some of them were quite lovely to begin with, and with the passing of time, they develop new colors and textures. I love taking an old car photograph in increasing the “cool factor” by tinting the windows in Photoshop, and making the colors a little more vibrant.

If you have questions regarding my photographs, I would love to hear from you.

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