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Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska

I was looking through my collection of pictures, and ran across this picture I took at Pioneer Village in the historical store. I worked a little HDR magic on it and it had some warm, fun colors.

Yanney Heritage Park in Kearney, Nebraska

Yanney Heritage Park is a newer park located in Kearney, Nebraska. I was on Facebook one day, and one of my friends posted a short video of this park at night. I didn’t realize it was lit up so pretty in the evening. So, I grabbed a tripod and went to take some still shots when it was dusk. I climbed up the stars on the observation tower, and happily

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Exploring An Abandoned House ~ Near Pleasanton, Nebraska

When you were a kid, did you have plans to sneak away and have a great adventure? I had an active imagination as a child, and I had a “thing” for this abandoned house down the road from where I lived. We called it the “Slaughter” house. (No axe-murderer ever lived there in case you were wondering.) It was located north of Sartoria road…on a dirt road…north of  Pleasanton, Nebraska.

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