Lincoln Nebraska Showcases A World of Beauty At Dusk

On occasion I post articles to an online magazine called Her View From Home. I wrote this article a while back, but thought the images were fun enough to post on my own blog. Here is the article….

I woke up early on Saturday morning and decided it was a good day to go photograph the capital building in Lincoln. My dad mentioned he was going to an archaeology meeting in Grand Island and asked if I wanted to go. I decided, I could stop in Grand Island and go to the meeting,  and still have plenty of time to photograph the capital.

I made it to the capitol later than I expected. The gently used tripod my mom gave to me was not behaving. It was wobbling around even after much tightening and adjusting. Then another piece of equipment I brought that I had tested and was working before I left my house…had stopped working while I was trying to photograph the capital.  I was starting to feel flustered when I realized I only had thirty minutes left to photograph this lovely building. Well, I didn’t get quite as many great pictures as I had hoped.

However, when I was leaving the building a friendly gal who was also touring the building asked if I went to UNL. That made my day since I am probably around fifteen years older than what she thought I was. Then I started thinking my life was pretty great.

The photo below shows the rotunda inside the capitol building. It was taken around 4:30 pm and you can see the sunlight streaming into the room through the window on the left side of the photograph.


After I took a few shots on the inside of the building I decided to wait around until it got dark to try to get a few night photos. If you take photos within thirty minutes of the sun going down, the sky often will have a rich, blue cast.


Even an ordinary street becomes more interesting as the sun sets and warm yellow and pink colors expand across the sky.

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