Exploring An Abandoned House ~ Near Pleasanton, Nebraska

abandoned house

When you were a kid, did you have plans to sneak away and have a great adventure? I had an active imagination as a child, and I had a “thing” for this abandoned house down the road from where I lived. We called it the “Slaughter” house. (No axe-murderer ever lived there in case you were wondering.)

It was located north of Sartoria road…on a dirt road…north of  Pleasanton, Nebraska.


When I walked inside that house, the windows were broken out and a nice warm breeze blew through the house. It felt like it was my own private sanctuary. The cattle grazed close to the house.




I thought if I ever decided to run away, this was going to be my hideout. I was going to clean up that old house and drink fresh water from the cow tank. I even had an old storm cellar I could go in if the sky started to look like a little ominous.  I was not sure how I was going to get food, but at least I had a secret place planned out – in case of emergency.

This house could come in handy, for example…if the Russians decided to invade. Or, if I decided to have some kind of huge teenage rebellion, I might need this house. You have to have some place to go if you have a huge fight with your parents, and need to embrace your independence, right?


Well, stepping away from my grand plans for a minute….here are a few pictures showcasing the house. It looks quite a bit more weathered than when I had been in it as a child. But I still love the textures and colors that an old  house displays. You can tell I played a little in Photoshop with the next two images. I love muting the colors and giving the photos a little more interest.


The photograph below shows an upstairs bedroom. I liked the colors of the walls the junk everywhere actually made the room look a bit more interesting than if everything was not in a state of decay.


What I love about old houses is nature seems so close. The windows are typically broken out so when you are in the house you can hear the birds sing and the mother cows calling their calves. The photo below shows a red-winged blackbird. When I was a kid we would cut musk thistles in the pasture every year. They were my favorite birds to watch when we were working in the pasture.



There is a barn on the property near the old house that my grandpa built. It is still standing tall and seems to be holding up pretty well.

Here my dad stands in front of the barn. He seems to have graciously accepted that fact that I almost always have paparazzi-like tendencies.


Well to conclude the story, the Russians never invaded, and the Cold War seemed to have lost it’s chill. So, the Russians were not a catalyst for my romantic adventure. I also had good parents…and I loved them, so there was no need to act like a fussy prima donna, and run away to camp out in the house like some kind of gypsy. However the idea of hiding out still sounds a little appealing. It is right up there with hopping a train, and sneaking into an old castle and sleeping there for a night with anybody knowing.

Photo By: © Andrea Kelley

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